Unlocking The Power
To Think Differently

Know how your business makes money and how to drive execution within the
company's strategy using your management style to deliver extraordinary results

Financial Intelligence

​​​The ability to understand how your business makes money

Strategic Execution

The ability to get the job done within the business strategy

Emotional Intelligence

Using your management style to maximise the desired outcome

Business Acumen?

  • 2012 SHRM survey identified Business Acumen as one of the critical competencies needed by leaders

  • Only 7% of employees fully understand their company's business strategies and what's expected of them  in order to help achieve their goals

  • There is a strong correlation between business acumen and behaviour. A leader with business acumen will use the company's resources more efficiently.

Steps To Increase Business Acumen

Learn the Language of Business

​​​You don't have to become an accountant to understand the numbers

Decision Making Framework

Make clear decisions that positively impact  and deliver extraordinary results

New Behaviour

You will have new insights to lead and communicate with your unique style

  • Grow your business with increased financial performance

  • Grow yourself and develop your career

  • Grow your team and their impact

Start a

Let's Talk About How You Can Become A Leader Equipped With Business Acumen

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