Business Coaching - Customer ServiceYesterday as I walked into a client’s office she immediately said ‘ahh, I’m so glad to see you!’ This reminded me of something that was said to me a few years ago by Paul McCarthy. I used to be in one of Paul’s mastermind groups. He said that my goal was to get my clients to sigh and say ‘ahhh’.

Ahhh means

Ahhh is that sigh of relief. The ahhh means I trust you. I feel confident you will solve the problem that is weighing me down. Everything is going to be alright. The ahhh creates connection and loyalty. The ahhh is remembered for a long time.

The wow may be impressive but it is easily forgotten. The wow does not create the same level of trust and loyalty. The wow can sometimes be ego driven while the ahhh is customer focused.

The way to Ahhh! your customers

My grandfather once told me how a salesman would come and see him every six months and take him to lunch. This went on for years. My grandfather said to him we have had the same supplier for decades and there is no chance of us changing. The salesman replied ‘that is fine and I understand. All I ask is if an emergency comes up you call me.’

One day their supplier said we can’t deliver until next week because it is Friday and we are closing for the long weekend. This delay would cost my grandfather’s business a huge amount of money. What did he do? He called the salesman who asked for the opportunity. The salesman said don’t worry Bob it will be there in the morning. My grandfather’s business changed from a supplier who they used for decades after the Ahhh! moment.

To create the Ahhh! moment you only need to do two things: be in constant contact and be ready for when the opportunity rises. Keep in constant contact through newsletters, postcards, emails, blog posts, social media or client days. Be ready to go the extra mile when the opportunity arises.