13. Build an Awesome Culture in Your Culture


Organisations often wonder why they struggle with implementing the strategy. When we come in and work with that organisation, we realise that culture is not aligned with the strategy.

1. Everyone is clear on the strategic intent

2. The company has an extreme customer focus.

3. Engaged Employees Do all three to deliver your strategic intent.


Another key focus for us for 2019 is getting the right culture. Organisations wonder why they struggle. When we come in and work with that organisation realise that culture is not yet lined up to deliver the strategic intent. So, it's important to build an ownership mentality within your culture.

What does that really mean? It means people are clear on what you're trying to achieve, and they buy into it. So, the organisation puts through their vision what does it look like when you articulate that as your strategic intent, and you get that communicated out there. Then, the leaders help with your teams to build that ownership mentality. They own their component of what they're going to deliver that contributes to their ultimate strategic intent.

Build an extreme customer focus. You can never underestimate the power of having extreme customer focus. Have you ever walked into an organisation, into a shop, whatever, where you've actually experienced the ultimate customer service? You're actually astounded, it's so rare today, and yet, when you experience it, you know that you'll go back there, and you'll talk to other people about going back there.

Next thing is build employee engagement. Now, interesting enough, everybody thinks that this is just something you got to do, anyhow. But look what's at stake. Researchers found disengaged workforce or employee, break it right down to employee, has been discovered to relate to around about three and half thousand dollars approximately per every 10,000 salary. That's 34%. Now, if you've got a hundred employees across your organisation, you do the math.

So, having the right culture is build the ownership mentality in their culture, build an extreme customer focus, and build an employee engagement. To do that, you got to get out there and actually have dialog, not a one-way conversation, but actually engage people. Do that, you'll achieve all three, your culture is then aligned to help you deliver your strategic intent.

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