Business Health Check-Up & Playbook

Dive Deep for Success: Your Custom Business Health Check-Up

Embark on a journey of discovery and optimization with our comprehensive Business Health Check-Up. This goes beyond the typical financial audit – it’s a deep dive into the lifeblood of your business.

Envision the Process:

  • Financial Insight: We shine a spotlight on your financial health, meticulously analyzing cash flow, profitability, and key metrics. It’s about uncovering the hidden strengths and weaknesses in your numbers, providing clarity and direction.

  • Cultural Pulse: Step into the heart of your company culture. We gauge employee engagement, communication effectiveness, and morale. Understanding these elements is key to nurturing a workplace environment where every team member thrives.

  • Strategic Evaluation: We examine the clarity, realism, and achievability of your goals. It’s a strategic check-up to ensure your business objectives are not just well-intentioned ideas but actionable targets.

  • Execution Analysis: How well do your plans materialize into action? We assess your processes and systems, determining their efficacy in bringing your strategies to life. It’s about turning good ideas into great results.

From this wealth of insights, we tailor a playbook just for you. Think of it as your unique guide, filled with strategies that are directly applicable to your business. This playbook is designed to:


  • Elevate Financial Health: Boost your financial performance, driving sustainable growth and stability.
  • Cultivate a Dynamic Culture: Foster an environment where employees are not just present but engaged, motivated, and contributing to your success.
  • Sharpen Strategic Direction: Navigate the market with a clear, focused strategy, making decisions with confidence.
  • Refine Execution: Transform every step into a strategic move, optimizing how your plans unfold in real time.

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Case Study: Transforming a Department’s Trajectory – From Uncertainty to Growth

Context: The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a large company faced a critical decision regarding one of their departments. With options to Keep, Grow, or Sell the department based on its performance and potential, the COO initiated a project to assess its current state and future prospects. The department was at a crossroads, needing a strategic approach to determine its best course.

Objective: Our mission was to analyse the department thoroughly and develop a strategic playbook to guide its future. The key decision hinged on whether to turn the department around and grow it over 12-18 months or prepare it for a potential sale.

Approach: We employed our comprehensive five-element playbook focusing on Culture (Staff), Strategy, Structure (Systems), Execution (Stock), and Sales. This approach allowed us to holistically assess the department from all critical angles.

Strategies: The playbook was developed to address each element strategically:

  • Culture: Revitalise staff morale and engagement, ensuring alignment with the department’s goals.
  • Strategy: Refine and clarify the department’s strategic objectives for growth and sustainability.
  • Structure: Streamline systems for efficiency, better communication, and effective leadership.
  • Execution: Optimise stock management to improve cash flow and operational efficiency.
  • Sales: Implement initiatives to boost sales and market presence, targeting a 15% increase.

Implementation: Key actions included:

  • Rolling out lean management practices to enhance efficiency.
  • Restructuring the leadership team to better align with the new strategic direction.
  • Initiating sales strategies that led to a 15% increase in revenue.
  • Reducing stock on hand, significantly improving cash flow.

Ongoing Support: Throughout the 12-18 months, we provided continuous support and guidance, ensuring the playbook’s strategies were effectively implemented and adjusted as needed.

Review: Regular reviews were conducted to assess progress, make necessary adjustments, and evaluate the feasibility of a complete turnaround.

Outcome: After 18 months, the department showed improvement in performance, team dynamics, and cash flow.