16. Three Silent Cash Flow Killers


What are three questions every leader must ask themselves to create a culture of accountability in their business?

How can I set up my team culture?

What can I do to keep my team focused?

What should I start doing and what should I stop doing?


This year our focus is on culture. Culture for 2019.

Now, some of the videos we've had preceding this video has been about organisational culture. Or larger business culture. Let's bring it right down to that area of accountability that, as leaders, we're actually interested in. Which is how can I set up, these are three questions that are often asked of me when I work with leaders.

How can I set up my team culture? Sounds fairly obvious, doesn't it? But in fact, it's not clear to everybody about how do you engage your own team culture.

The next question is what can I do to keep my team focused?

And then thirdly, what should I start doing and what should I stop doing?

Now, leaders who ask this question I know are going to be so easy to work with because they're intentionally interested in getting the best results for them, for their team and for the organisation.

So let's go through and look at some of these a little bit more in detail.

So, how can I set up my team culture up for success? Well one of the ways I've found successful by coaching leaders to sit down with their team and define, within the team, what type of culture do they want to work in?

Take them through that step of developing a clear, articulated concept around the culture they want to come to each day, so they can feel engaged. So they can feel they're achieving things. And you'll be surprised at what they come up with. And then link that back to the organisational values and the strategic intent.

And then once you've got that, turn it into a statement that they feel comfortable with. You'll be amazed at how it empowers them.

Remember the earlier video about the three components, which was that tripod model. Those three elements around, can help set you up for success. So one of the things you can take from [inaudible 00:01:55] was a tripod model where, remember, we encouraged you to say you build safety? That's that emotional safety where people can say what they actually believe or think, without fear of retribution or judgement.

Next thing is vulnerability. The leader and team members being prepared to say, "I don't know, I don't understand," without fear of judgement or people coming down on them for not being up with the team.

And the third one is around that focus. Clear focus purpose. Incorporate that into their culture statement.

Next thing what can I do to keep my team focused? Well we've pretty much covered that. So what should I start doing or stop doing? Well start doing is get out there, engage more. Get out of the office, go and talk to people, find out what's working well, not so well, what are the roadblocks that are preventing them from being successful?

Stop doing. Well stop being the font of all knowledge. Stop being the problem solver for the team. Stop actually getting distracted by things that aren't aligned with the clear focused outcomes of what you've identified with the team that will deliver that strategic intent.

Think about these three components. They can actually set you and your team up for success for 2019.

Look forward to future discussions.

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