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Case Study: Realigning and Empowering a Critical Service Group for Success

The General Manager (GM) of Human Resources sought assistance in developing a cultural alignment within a crucial service group that had experienced significant changes which impacted their department, including organizational, leadership, and team changes.

Our goal was to assist the team in reforming into a high-performing unit by rebuilding trust between their new leader and team members, helping them recognise their value, and re-establishing cross-functional relationships.

We applied our LASER model (Look, Listen, Learn – Analyse – Strategise – Execute – Review) to guide the process. We began by conducting thorough interviews with key stakeholders, team members, and customers. Using the insights gained, we identified the main pain points and challenges faced by the team.

After analysing our findings, we collaborated with the team leader and immediate manager to devise a tailored approach to realign the team and create a desirable culture geared towards high performance.

We held multiple team sessions that focused on understanding concerns and envisioning the desired future state. In subsequent sessions, leaders joined in, and we facilitated the development of a ‘One Team’ plan with detailed actions and accountabilities.

Ongoing Support:
We provided follow-up sessions and coaching support to the team leader and members as needed, emphasing strong communication and collaboration.

We established a review plan with a series of meetings and team sessions at one, two, three, and six months to ensure continued progress and improvement.

Over a 12-month period, we gradually reduced our involvement, empowering the team leader and their manager to drive the realignment process. The team achieved a high-performing status within six months, as well as effectively integrated new members into the fold.

Client Feedback:
The General Manager of HR commended our support and praised the positive impact on the team, leaders, and the organisation as a whole.

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