Our Services

Empowering Leadership, Transforming Businesses


At Beyond the Numbers, we’re more than just consultants; we’re your partners in bridging the crucial gap between data-driven insights and impactful action. Our suite of services is crafted with a singular mission: to empower leaders like you to navigate the complexities of your role, enabling you to make smarter, faster, and more impactful decisions. We understand that true business success isn’t just measured in profits; it’s also about the positive impact you create for your teams and the wider community.


Our services are designed to unlock your business’s full potential, blending strategic execution with leadership development. Through our unique models and methodologies, we work hand-in-hand with you to turn strategies into effective actions, sharpen your leadership skills, and elevate your team to new heights of performance. We delve deep into both financial and non-financial aspects of your business, offering an objective, comprehensive view that illuminates the path forward.


Whether it’s through custom-tailored workshops, in-depth advisory sessions, or transformative health check-ups, our approach is always holistic, always insightful. We’re committed to guiding you every step of the way, ensuring that every decision made is a stride towards greater success and a stronger, more resilient business.


Business Health Check-Up & Playbook

Uncover hidden potential and optimise your entire operation with our in-depth Business Health Check-Up.

This isn’t just a financial audit; it’s a holistic exploration of the critical factors driving your business forward.

Imagine illuminating your financial strengths and weaknesses, taking the pulse of your company culture, and ensuring your strategic goals are achievable. Our Business Health Check-Up goes beyond the numbers.

Align Numbers & People with Joint CFO-COO Advisory

Experience the power of combined financial and operational expertise with our ‘CFO meets COO’ Advisory Sessions. 

We blend financial acumen with operational wisdom to offer you a balanced perspective.

Our sessions provide practical, integrative solutions that harmonise your numbers with people management, paving the way for well-rounded and effective strategy execution.

Navigate Any Future with Interactive Scenario Planning Workshops

Interactive Scenario Planning Workshops

Buckle up for a business rollercoaster! 

Our interactive workshops let you test-drive different financial and leadership scenarios (boom times, market crashes, etc.) in a safe, fun environment.

Tailored to your industry’s specifics, they prepare your team to navigate and triumph in any business scenario, ensuring you’re always steps ahead.