Developing Business Acumen In Leaders & Business Owners

Our programs and services give leaders and business owners the tools to make strategic decisions quickly. When you and your organisation embrace a business acumen culture, the organisation will increase productivity, financial performance and communication of strategy.

Business Acumen Workshops

Practical One-Day Workshop to help you understand the story your financials are telling you about your business. It is a fun, fast-paced workshop where you learn experientially by managing business (one that will resonate with the group) with real-world examples.

This understanding well help you make faster and better decisions to secure financial sustainability and your financial security

Better decisions will drive improved strategic and financial performance

Leverage from the combined knowledge in the room to challenge each other for improved business performance

Safe, you are not required to divulge any sensitive information about you or your business in the workshop – Practice using our business modelling tools which give you valuable and instant feedback on your group decisions and learn how to achieve better and better results

In House Workshops

A tailored and practical One or Two-Day Workshop. It is fun and fast-paced to help you understand the story your financials are telling you about your business/organisation.

Learning experientially by managing business (one that will resonate with the group) with real-world examples.

This process helps get people on the same page, based on common understanding that results from ‘practicing’ together

Next workshopping in groups, learning together how to improve performance in multiple areas – Strategically, through targeted Executions and using the right Measures for success.

The second part of the workshop is focused specifically on your financial data/performance. Taking the previous learning forward to develop better, improved strategies to achieve extraordinary results

Group Coaching

This program is designed to allow you to leverage from whole-of-room knowledge and brainstorm together, better strategies and tactics that impact positively on your bottom line.

The frequency and duration of these group programs is decided by the group on day one. However, we encourage you to have sufficient sessions together to build the desired habits from which better performance manifests.

For example, typically, twice in the first month, once each month after that and quarterly over a minimum period of 6 months

Guided by experienced practitioners not trainers or theorists, who are passionate about helping you discover the secrets, and methodology to get extraordinary results

Build valuable relationships that you can continue to leverage from long after the program

Analysis & Health Checks

We recognise business leaders are focused on the day-to-day challenges required to run an effective business. Often you rely on Bookkeepers and Accountants to manage your financial performance on your behalf (Generally they do this somewhat well).

An independent assessment of your business and current financial performance can discover critical areas that can:

  • Save you losses you may not be aware of (or the magnitude of ongoing losses).
  • Refocus your effort in certain areas of your business that the review discovers for you that does not equate in terms of financial gain.
  • Discovers what is missing that could bring new opportunities and new revenue streams to grow your business.
  • Discover what you need to stop doing, start doing, do more of, do smarter!


Our team offers an extensive range of knowledge, skills and experiences across multiple business discipline – Strategy, Business Modelling, Change, Leadership, Execution, Financial and Business Turnaround.

Our Associate pool gives you access to their specialities and broad range of expertise. We all share a common value – To give our Customers the best results possible and surprise them with extraordinary results.

Our style and approach is to walk along -side our Customers, talking with them, not at them, transferring valuable knowledge and experience that you can continue to leverage from long after we have gone.

We are non-judgemental, we recognise all business is fluid, face many and varied challenges and people often bring their unique skills set and that we cannot be all things.

Our working with you is to take the best of what you have achieved and then look for ways to enhance it, find opportunities with you that will grow and develop improved outcomes and

Give you a ‘peace-of-mind’ that you are focusing on the right things to give you the results you deserve.

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