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Business Acumen Coaching & Training

Business acumen is understanding how your business makes money.
  • Majority of managers and business owners do not understand how their business makes money. Which customers or products are making their business money.
  • Our research shows that only a small percentage of managers understand how cash moves in their business.
  • Being a technical expert is no longer enough. Managers need to also have a high level of financial literacy. However, you don’t need to become an accountant you have a high level of financial literacy.
We have extensive financial management experience

Scott Richards is the head coach and trainer of our Business Acumen program. Scott is a CPA  accountant with over 20 years experience in financial roles and consulting to different companies in Australia and across the world. Scott and the team work along side with leaders, managers and supervisors to build the persons financial capability and confidence.

Scott gave us a simple, easy to understand analysis of our business figures. He suggested some great ideas on where to improve and new $ targets, that are achievable.

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What you will learn from Business Acumen Coaching & Training
  • Cash Flow – How it is different to profit, why cash is critical and how it is generated
  • The four essential elements that your business must get right
  • See the story your financial statements are telling you
  • Understand how your business makes money
  • Know how your decisions impact the bottom line and cash flow before you make them
  • How to identify 3 business priorities and an action plan to deliver results
  • Matching strategy and financial performance

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Results based Coaching

Our coaching and training is more than building capability. It is about delivering results. These results include

  • Increasing performance and reducing effort
  • Peace of mind and reduced stress
  • Reducing the time spent at work
  • Being able to communicate to your team financial and strategic reasons for decisions

If you’d like to work with Scott and his team to increase performance through increased business acumen, you can call Scott on 0434 972 438 or fill out the form below.