Financial Management Consulting


Your Partner in Financial Management 

Are you a leader, manager or business owner who:
  •  is concerned about profitability or cash flow in your business?
  •  is unclear about the financial state of your business or not confident in the answers you are getting from your financial team?
  •  knows your financial system is broken but doesn’t have the resources to fix it?  doesn’t get the information you need to make good decisions or doesn’t fully trust the answers you are getting?
  •  wants to develop your financial strategy to deliver consistent profits and positive cash flow?

There are times when you don’t have the resources you need in the area of finance. There are many possible reasons such as staff moving on without warning, difficult finding quality staff, the business has experienced change or finance was not seen as a priority.

We provide solutions to these problems as an external resource – yourpartner in financial management.

We can help you with
  • Financial strategy and implementation – understand how your company’s finances impact your strategy
  • Cash flow modelling and scenario planning – see the impact of cash flow and plan for the future
  • Forecasting and budgeting – gain control over costs
  • Financial analysis – understand how your business makes money or how effective your financial systems
  • Urgent financial management help

As your partner in financial management, we can help you get over the urgent need or for the long term. We provide financial management that is hands on and strategic. We help leaders, managers and business owners gain greater peace of mind and more time for the activities they should be focused on. 

Examples of how we have helped businesses
  • Cash Flow Model – We developed a cash flow model for a not-for-profit that was transitioning to theNDIS. A necessary process with the change in cash flow due to the introduction of NDIS.
  •  External Financial Manager – A company’s finance manager suddenly resigned. We were in place thatday to ensure the financial operations continued smoothly.
  • Analysis of department – The company wanted to understand the financials and operations of a businessunit. We analysed the financial, operational, structure and culture of the business unit.
  • Financial systems were a mess – A business was not receiving reliable financial information due to poorfinancial processes.
  • Budgeting and forecasts – sometimes organisations do not have the resources for these importantactivities.
  • Financial reporting and leadership team meetings – We meet with managers to review monthly resultsand attend executive leadership team meetings to develop a financial strategy for the company. 

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Why us

We are unique in that we don’t offer advice purely from an accountant’s perspective.

We believe that business acumen is what a leader needs to make good business decisions. Business acumen comprises three main elements: financial literacy,strategic execution and emotional intelligence. Financial literacy without the other two elements can lead to poor decisions. We work with you and your team to increase business acumen to make faster and better business decisions.

Scott Richards is a CPA accountant with over 20 years experience. He and his team provide an objective and common sense perspective to all your financial needs. He has the ability to take complex financial concepts and turn into easily understandable language.

If you’d like to work with Scott and his team, you can call Scott on 0434 972 438 or fill out the form below.