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Leadership Coaching and Training

As a leader do you struggle with:
  • Dealing with non-performers in your team
  • Motivating the team to perform
  • How to provide constructive feedback without sounding negative
  • Stress because you are not achieving the results you could based on the effort
We have extensive leadership coaching and training experience

Darryl is a leadership coach with over 25 years experience training leaders in Australia and across the world. He has trained and coached leaders in companies such as Rio Tinto, Orica and Endeavour Foundation. Darryl will work alongside leaders, managers and supervisors to build each person’s capability and confidence.

The workshop participants were impressed with Darryl’s way of delivering of the training program and the program itself was a huge impact for them on changing their behaviours. Now i teach the course. Darryl was a great coach of mine transferring his skills to me. Thank you Darryl.

Erdenechimeg Damdinpurev Rio Tinto

We use practical tools and multiple approaches to build capability

We understand that leaders need practical tools that they are able to use and also delivers results. The leader will have access to proven tools and models to customise coaching and training that address your company’s specific needs.

Our style is to walk along side the leader to act as a support and guide as they grow as a leader.  Trust is the foundation of our coaching.

We are able to train leaders using a number of different formats:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Workshops – in-house and public
  • Analysis and testing

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Results based Coaching

Our coaching and training is more than building capability. It is about delivering results. These results include

  • Increasing performance and reducing effort
  • Peace of mind and reduced stress
  • A team that is focused on the ‘real’ work that makes a difference
  • Engaging employees that reduces employees costs

If you’d like to work with Darryl and his team to increase performance through increased leadership capability, you can call Darryl on 0417 726 524 or fill out the form below.