14. The TRAPS of Culture


What are the TRAPS that cause a poor culture in a business?

Top Down - Management makes decisions without consultation with their team

Responsibility without Authority - Micromanaging the team after giving them responsibility for their role.

Accountability - A lack of accountability at all levels.

Purpose - A lack of focused purpose that is poorly communicated.

Success Recognition - Not celebrating the wins,


Okay, we're talking about culture again. So 2019, we're also focusing on culture. And now we're going to talk about the TRAPS of culture. The first one is Top Down and that's where the management have a failure to listen. In the L-laser model, we talk about Look, Listen, Learn. And many times the management are not looking, they're not listening and they're not learning from what's happening further down in their business, where many of the things that could be corrected in the business the knowledge is already there within the company.

Second is responsibility without authority. And this is basically micro managing. How many times have you been in a position where you're given the responsibility of something, but then you're not actually given the authority to actually make the changes? And you have to keep reporting back to ... So micromanaging does not work. There's so much research out there. Thirdly, is accountability, not having accountability at all levels of an organisation. If you've seen one of our other videos, we talk about PAR. We talk about Priorities, Activities and Results. And so having those priorities at all levels, and this builds back to responsibility and also listening. So you're having the right activities and then you're measuring.

Fourthly, is purpose; not having a focused purpose and not being communicated. I forgot the 'e', sorry about that. So you need a purpose that is focused, so focused on core until successful, and then that needs to be communicated. When you're in top level management, you need to communicate that over and over again because this research show between 88 to 95% of employees do not understand the strategy.

And lastly, success recognition. How many of us feel good when we're recognised for the things that we've done well. So always remember to celebrate. So remember the TRAPS in culture. Do not use a top down method. Do not apply responsibility without authority. If you're going to give responsibility, make sure that they have the authority to make changes. Make sure there's accountability at all levels. Make sure your purpose is focused and communicated and that you celebrate your success. Thank you very much and we'll see you next time.

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