What are the three gaps that we find often that affect an organisation’s effectiveness?Have you experienced any of these?1. Poor Communication2. Lack of Visible Leadership3. Focus on the wrong measures



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Strategic execution 2019, that’s our target this year. This is where we constantly find gaps in organisations effectiveness. So, this focus today is on poor communication. It’s amazing that in organisations how everybody talks. You get a group of people together and you ask them, “What are one of the things that weren’t not doing well?” They’ll tell you it’s communication. You drill down deep and understand what that communication is, it means that people aren’t clear. So, we’ve got to get better at it. We’ve got to do multiple different types of communication to ensure that people understand. Everybody learns and thinks and processes differently. So, poor communication, big failing in leadership.

The lack of visible leadership, what do we mean by that? Leaders have got to get out of their offices and get out there and engage with their people. They’ll find so many clues about what’s working well, but more importantly, what’s not working well. Get out there and engage with your people and find out what’s really happening in the business. Give them the opportunity to talk about it and you’ll be amazed at the results that you get. Thirdly, using the wrong measures. If we haven’t got the right measures in place and they’re clearly understood, then the risk is that we’re chasing our tails. For example, sometimes our performance measures or even, for example, in sales team measures are not linked directly back to the strategic intent. So, we sort of tend to go off chasing things that are not actually going to help us deliver that strategic intent. It might help the sales person get their bonus for that month, but that may not lead to the right outcomes for the business. So, being very clear on getting the right communication out there, getting clarity of it and doing it multiple ways. Getting out there and engaging with your people, talking to your people on a regular basis, once, twice, three times a week. The more the better. Buy out the time to do that.

Third, using the wrong measures. Stop using the wrong measured. Look for the measures that are meaningful that link directly back to your strategic intent. There should be a line of sight right through for every level in the business. Get that right and you can achieve your strategic execution. So, we welcome you back to 2019 with a focus on strategic execution.

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