Your customers don’t see your business; they don’t really care about your ‘mission’; they feel the experience of dealing with your enterprise and they think brand. Your brand is not just your logo and tagline. If the sum of all the interactions, thoughts and feelings of the brand form the perception reality of the brand, then ultimately every single thing communicates the brand.

This premise is fundamental to determining brand success. By realizing that everything communicates, then you realize that the role of communicating the brand to its audience is not just the role of a marketing department or an advertising agency.

It takes every interaction at every level. From the way a shop assistant delivers a service in a department store, to the way a person signs for a loan document to buy their first home from a bank. People, paper, websites, uniforms, product disclosure statements, forms, and systems operations everything forms an impression that results in how a person thinks or feels about a brand.

This is why a laser focused mission is vital to your business. The mission is your reference point that ensures all your marketing and communications is consistent. It is this consistency that customers want; they are comforted to know that their current experience will be the same as their last experience if they enjoyed it. By using a mission your decision making will become easier, more effective and efficient. For example, you will know if a marketing opportunity will target your ideal customer.

This post was taken directly from my e-book Stop Chasing the Wind: 5 Steps to Transforming Your Business which will be out soon.