9. Keeping Your Strategy On PAR


As leaders, we can over complicate strategic execution. Here is our three step process to keep your business strategy on track.

Priorities - Only have 3 priorities. Less is more for business growth.

Activities - Focus only on the activities that deliver the priorities. 

Results - Measure the activities that are in line with the priorities.

Transcription - 

Today's focus is on strategic execution. This is an area that a lot of organisations struggle with, so we just wanted to cover three specific tips today to help get strategic execution on track. First one, step one; be clear on the strategic intent yourself. If you, as the leader, are unclear about what the organisation is trying to achieve through its strategic intent, then there's no way you can communicate that beyond yourself.

Next thing. Communicate. Communicate the intent in multiple ways. Once you have it clear, you've got to use every opportunity to communicate that through your teams. In every meeting re-visit the intent, align people towards what it's trying to achieve, talk about what their role is in trying to achieve that, and then how they are going to go about it. Which leads into three; ensure each person has clear accountabilities that all accumulate up together, that help deliver the strategic intent from your perspective within the organisation.

Let's recap. Be clear on the strategic intent, therefore you have to inform yourself. Ask questions, talk to the right people. Second; communicate the intent in multiple ways, at all levels and every means that you can, keep focusing on that intent. And the third thing, ensure each person is very clear. This requires dialogue. It's not a matter of telling people. It's about engaging people and getting them to understand it in their own way, and what it means to them to achieve that strategic intent.

Thank you for that. We'll catch up with you next time.

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